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What Markdown Can Do

Markdown makes formatting easier. Playground link, Webpage link.

Playground won't save your change.

What Specifically Can It Do?

Markdown Can Do More





Music Score

Write by ChatGPT, maybe wrong.

T:Ode to Joy
C:Ludwig van Beethoven
"G"G3/2A/2 G E G | "D7"F3/2E/2 F D F | "G"G3G G A | B3/2A/2 G E G |
"D7"F3/2E/2 F E D | "G"G3G G A | B3/2A/2 G E G | "D7"F3/2E/2 F D F | "G"G3z ||

More Things If You Are a Programmer


  • Underline
  • iframe
  • svg
  • Create a button


Markdown ultimately renders as HTML, and CSS can modify the layout of HTML elements. If your Markdown editing software has the corresponding configuration, you might be able to:

  • Define CSS inline
  • Customize CSS globally

Building a Website

You can deploy this site by clicking this button:

Deploy With Vercel

There are many ways to build websites based on Markdown. Personal research has mainly identified Vitepress and MDX as two options, both extending Markdown and allowing for code component insertion. Vitepress primarily supports Vue components, while MDX mainly supports React components.

Considering performance and maintenance stability, this site is built with Vitepress, and the site owner learned Vue overnight (in one hour).

Want More?

You might want to check out the reference materials or ask ChatGPT?


  1. Find it difficult? Actually, there's no need to memorize the syntax for various charts. The site owner used to rely on manuals, but now mainly consults ChatGPT. ↩︎